Wheely 8

It has been a long time since Wheely had taken his wife for a date and now that he is on vacation and nothing so do, he will take his wife in a date into the depths of the forest. The setting was perfect and nothing can ruin their time together. They were about to cook something when something strange crash near their camping place. It is a UFO and it crashes near them. Along came out the passengers of the UFO and it is not anything that they have seen before. The alien asked them for help and Wheely can’t just say no. The alien wants to build their spacecraft, but they don’t have the necessary parts needed, so they reach out for Wheely.

Wheely got to travel far and get the parts needed by the alien. He have to drag the broken part all the way to the machine shop, which a very faraway place. Getting there wasn’t easy at all since there are a lot of things that might happen. In short, Wheely could get an accident or something worse than that. When he finally get to the machine shop, he give the art to the machinist and the latter was surprise since he haven’t seen any part like that before. They got lucky as the machinist is very skilled and he is able to fix the part.

You need to help our dear old Wheely in this game and you can only do that by clicking things on the game. Each level would be different and you can expect it would get harder as you make some progress. For best result look for the wheel and the little car. If you can’t find them, that is not the end of the world. Those two are just for bonus points.