Zombie Army Madness

In the middle of the night, one thing is scarring a lot of people and that there are zombies all around them. Zombies are marching to your backyard and you can’t stop them since they are already dead. You can only kill it with a bullet to the head. What is scary about the zombies is the fact that they can easily reproduce themselves. This is more terrifying than werewolves and vampire since these guys can easily infect people and their numbers can grow into a lot. You need to be a sharpshooter to kill the zombies since you need to get that head. Those zombies won’t stop till there are no more people since their appetite is insatiable. The scary part here is that when you are bitten, you not only risk of dying, but you would become part of their army. The number of zombies can’t be stop since that is how they infect people, they might not be that agile, but boy, they are really fast in spreading. They are voracious eaters and they would like to eat and eat till there are no more to eat. The number of zombies would usually defends upon the population of a town or a city. This game is played with a mouse and the idea here is to spread the virus. In other words, you need to conquer several realms to win the game. It would be hard since other zombies from other realms would be doing the same thing. You just need to figure out how to max your number within a small time. You need to have lots of zombies in order to conquer one realm. You need to do it over and over till there are no more other zombies. You would earn some money from conquering realms and you could use that to upgrade your units.