Zombie Situation 1

The worlds about to collide and you are not alone in this world. There are others facing the same dilemma. You just need to find them and have a talk with them. For sure, they would help you save the world. You just got back home and you want to see your beautiful wife. You noticed the note saying that she just went to the store to pick some of the groceries. The radio began announcing some disturbing news. It said that there are zombies outside and it would be a terrible idea to get out. Everyone should stay indoors where it is safe, but your wfe is already outside. You call your wife to check her out, but the problem is that she is trap in the grocery store. You need to save her and take her home. She told you about the shotgun as it is hidden somewhere safe. With the shotgun, you would have better chance to take out those zombies faster. Somehow those zombies are multiplying fast and it is not clear where they come from. One thing is certain, you won’t want to get outside your house since there would be more. However, that is something that you can’t do since your wife is in danger. You just got to get out and save her. In this game, the idea is to clear out the zombies in every block. You got your gun as your primary weapon and you would get some additional weapon as you make some progress. Every zombie that you kill would make you money and that is what is important in this game. You would need to upgrade your weapon sine the game gets even harder as you make some progress. You’ll need those upgrades because the game gets harder as you make some progress.