Zombie Tank

No one knew that the end of the world would be coming that day. They just know that this is a day for celebration and thus, they are partying hard like as usual. Little they know that this might be the start of the end as a group of zombies suddenly appeared infecting everyone on its path. What is even worse is that those dead didn’t stay down as they began walking again. They are now zombies and want to eat some flesh. They have bitten lots of people and so the zombie infection continues. The number of zombies are growing more than ever. Fortunately, the government are starting to take action about this, so they are sending some of their solders to nullify the situations. The problem is that those zombies aren’t decreasing in size, so the soldiers have brought in the big guns. They have now a tank with them to control the situation and these looks good focus as we can go out once again in the street without worries. Of course, we all know that we still need to take care as those zombies might be luring in the dark. Those zombies want to feed on us and that is something that we don’t want. In this game, the idea is to reach the finish line and that would be a long run. You need to upgrade the tank to do that. You can collect money on the road as you drive the tank through all those zombies. If you have a shot then shoot them since they would slow you down. The game gets harder as you make some progress, so better upgrade your tank every time possible. It would really help you in the game to reach the finish line.