Zombie Trailer Park 1

The people of a country would not want any war since that is just a hindrance and they don’t what anything that would slow down their growth. All they want to is live in harmony with nature and they won’t go hungry. However, some people thinks of world domination as a good thing and have invented weapons of mass destructions. They would want others to obey them so they want to seize the lands of other people. Of course, no one would be willingly to do that and they would fight for their lives. These people hired a mad scientist, who in turn have created some zombies. The more people that the zombie bites, the more zombies that turns out to be and soon the whole town was populated by zombies. The people at the park have band together in an effort to fight the horde of zombies. They would not want any of those undead near their houses, so they have a formed a group to fight the undead. Since they don’t have much of anything, they would rely on their shovels to fight the undead. Soon, their army increases as more and more farmers join in and in time, even the militaries have joined in to strengthen their group. They have live inside a community and they won’t let their children to be eaten by zombies. This game is played with a mouse and the idea here is to crush the other town since it is infested with zombies. The two would generate some income and you could use it to hire some troops to defend your town. Additionally, you could also use it to make some upgrade for your town. In short the idea here is not only to defend the town, but to crush the rival town as well. You could send your troops to just that.