Zombie Trailer Park

No one knows where it all began but one thing is certain those zombies are real trouble. When the first zombie arrive in town, no one did suspect that it was a living dead. They thought that he was only sick so they took them in, but that was the biggest mistake since that zombie just eat other people. You could thought that the problem is already there. Soon those who got bitten rise up form where they lie and started eating people too. It was too late when the town got alerted about the danger of a zombie apocalypse. Only a 1/8 of the people living in town have survived. As the survivors began fleeing to the nearest forest, there were able to forma community, which is far from those of the city. They have organize a small community that can thrive in the face of the danger. However, the zombies began moving again searching for another source of food when the people have move out of the city. They walk tirelessly as though they are searching for something. Then on day, they found the camp to where the survivors have flee. As one zombie found out about the secret hideout, more zombies followed him a though they are able to communicate with one another. In this game, the idea is survival of the fittest, which means that you need to get rid of the zombies or else. Your first goal is to increase you’re earning as money can buy you anything. After that, you need to increase the people that are willing to fight. Launch an attack hold the zombies out of the town. Try to build a few establishment for the town so you can hire more powerful soldiers against the zombies. Once that you have done that, you can now hire the most powerful weapons. Remember to mix them well since that is the only way to win in the game.