Zombies at the Gate

You are the king of your own country and you like your money since they are shiny. One day, while you are counting your money, one of those money suddenly rolled out of your table. You tried to get it but it is too elusive as if it has a mind of its own. You followed anywhere it goes till you cornered the coin. It ends up in the old abandon well that no one is using. At last, you can now get it but the coin fell in the well and down you go till you knock your head.

No one knew where you have been so they didn’t’ find you. The next day, you are able to get out of the well. Using a piece of branch, you walked all the way to your castle. However, just as things are getting brighter, you found out that there were some zombies at the gate. You beat it till it no longer moves and spend up the rest of the day hiding in the safety of the castle. The castle is like a ghost town now that there are not a single soul around. You know that you can’t live hiding forever since you would need to go outside at one point.

In this game, the idea is to collect things. Part of that is killing the zombies and doing some odd jobs. You need to do some errand while the zombies are in there; otherwise the game would be finished. The game gets harder and more challenging as you make some progress. It turns out you would have to build your own survival plan in this game. You would earn money from doing some errands and you would have to buy your own bow. You would be needing it as you make some progress.