Zombies first came to the world when the world has its knights. There were very brave and would fight with anyone, even if it means zombies. They would not hesitate and would readily die for their kingdom. Eventually, they defeated zombies, but lots of them died and as time passes by, the world seems to be changing as the knights are no more. No one was willing to wear those armored body wear in combat as they can’t move. They become much prone to an attack, but in replace of it, the soldiers got themselves guns and grenades, which could take out enemies in an instant. They don’t need to train so hard with their heavy swords as the guns are readily dangerous. Fast forward to the future, the world is peaceful and every country seems to be at peace little did they know that danger seems to be lurking by. The zombies would be coming back in someday and when that comes, will be prepared and can we handle them. We already have some space stations across the planets and seems to be adding more, but the danger of the zombie won’t just be in Earth as they would be in space stations too. One guy was freeze to be able to handle the zombies as he was the best in existence. This is a gun game and the idea here is kill the zombies. The zombies would have a life system in this game and you need to get rid of them by shooting them. It would take several shots before you can destroy them. You need to find some survivors so that you would get some help in the future. You can assigned them to a post so that they would protect it. That way, you don’t have to do all the things that you need to.