Zombo Buster 2

The whole world are in danger since the dead are rising from the grave and began feasting on the living. Something horrible are turning them into these monsters. They must be put done to rest or the whole world is in danger. Medan City is one of the richest city in the world and as such is prepare for anything else. They got this special unit and as of this moment, this special unit are outside the city as they are dealing with the infesting zombies. Those zombies must be put to rest or they would surely attack the city one of these days.

The city thought that they are safe from anything since there are the special units, but they are wrong. A horde of zombies began attacking the city and the special units are nowhere in sight. Until, some of the people of the city began arming themselves and started rising up against the undead. They know that they need to fight back if no one would fight against the undead. These people are not soldiers, but each one of them are creative enough as they got their own weapons. They hand crafted all of those weapons. They are not that powerful weapons, but with some additional features, these weapons could be much more powerful than the issued weapons.

Soon, more and more people are standing up on their grounds against those monsters. They’re equipped with their own weapon design by them. The zombies are becoming tougher and tougher or it is that they are calling their elites since rougher zombies are descending into the city.

This game is played with a mouse and the idea here is to eliminate all zombies. They must go near the city. You would earn money form killing zombies and you could use the money for some upgrades that you would need to defend the city.