Mankind is ever evolving and thus, they are seeking some drugs that can help treat their diseases. They are hoping that this would help them live a normal life. Little did they know that this might lead to the end of the world? As manufacturer’s ends for greater heights, they did not care about the long term results anymore as they want to make some money real fast. They spend more on research, but almost no budget for the long term study of the drugs they have invented. They don’t care what kind of defects those drugs has as that is not their concern. They are only concern about making more money and that is what is important for them. After months off experimenting, the team manage to invent a drug that would help making drugs that could treat heal aids and so they thought. They think that the drug is perfect and they never put into consideration the side effects since they want to make some quick cash out of it. They need to make money to cover the cost for the experiments that their men carried out. When they release the drugs, it went sold immediately as some of the infected with aids want it. It was perfect as they immediately felt the drug taking effect. However, little by little, they change into the hideous monsters that they are now. Now, more than ever, the streets is filled with horrors as the zombies are roaming around at night seeking for their next prey. IN this game, the idea is to survive as long as you can. It means that the enemies would come nonstop and there is nothing that you can do about that. You just need to hope that you can survive long enough. The experience you gain would help you move further in the game.