No one knew where they came from, but one thing I for sure, you don’t want to get along with them since they would eat you. Another thing, they can’t be reason with as all they knew is to eat flesh of human beings. You would be glad if you would stay dead after that, but you would join them as you would transform into one of those zombies. It is a gruesome thing to go since you would be like them and think of nothing else, but eating human flesh. That is how they multiply and if you are thinking of getting all those hot chicks then that would be your motivation to stay alive in this crazy world.

Just in case, know, the world is not like this a week ago as everyone is doing there stuffs and working for their own good. One crazy afternoon, a crazy patient was admitted to the local hospital. He was too violent as he bites everyone that got near him, so they have strapped him in bed. Thinking that they have solve the problem, they go with their normal routines. But that is where they are wrong since they are many people got bitten. Those people show some peculiar symptoms, one that the doctors never encounter before. Soon, they have transformed to this monster and starts killing everyone they see. Of course, they are eating the killed ones too. The cycle keeps on repeating till the whole town were infected. You on the other hand as in your apartment and don’t want to get out. You were startled by the noise outside so you check it out. When you check it out, it was then that you find out about the zombie. You grab your trustee gun and starts running as fast as you can.

In this game, the idea is survival as you need to kill every zombies that got near you.