Ghost and Goblins

It is not Holy week, but it seems the unholy entity are active and they want to eat everyone they see on the streets. The old guys’ seems to know something about this since they are advising their young to sleep early. Though, they might not say it directly, something is scary in the air and it can be felt every night. If you are within the area, it would be advisable to close your door and window every night. Don't go out and be a peeping Tom or you might end up as the next dinner for the goblins. The ghosts might not eat you, but the goblins would surely eat you up. Those ghost would just possess you and you would end up on the middle of the street, wherein those goblins are feasting. Once, those goblins sees you on the street, then you might not survive the night as they would be ganging up on you. You might kill one of them, but then again, they are tough and they aren’t easy to kill because of their tough skin. If you are in a tight area, then you need to fight for your life and hope that you can last till the sun comes up since they would go out and hiding during day time. In this game, you would need to battle it out against those unholy creature. Make sure that they are not able to touch you since that would kill you. You start having an armor, but as soon as they touch you, your armor would be out. Then when they touch you again, you would be dead. Throw something against them and in this game, you have lots of things to throw at them. Each one you kill would be added to your score.