Gold Rush

Gold Rush is very affective and addictive game for players. When you start to play it, you can be away from this game. You must have your own strategy, plan, program and a little bit chance! Because, before doing any movement or action, the wheel must be turned and it must show nice things for you.

In this game, there is a main wheel which has some actions to be done. When you click on the button, wheel starts to turn. After it, it will be stopped on a place. It can show an action, more golds or similar things. You can gain so many gold in 1 time may be; or you can destroy your enemies' villages when you see TNT image on the wheel. By the way, your wheel turning chance is limited. If you can grab the purple glass on the wheel, your chance quantity will be more and more; because that purple bar will be filled more.

After getting more gold, you can improve your village in Gold Rush game. You can make bigger and bigger house, farms or other things. Even statue or totem, you can do. Now, just try to play this nice game by using your mouse or screen tapping and enjoy for free!