Hungry Mario

Mario is very hungry in this game and you must feed him right now! There are some foods on the ways, normal foods are in green color and there are some special foods also among these things. Especially the red ones make Mario more powerful about jumping. When he eats red ball, he can jump double time in 1 movement. The main target of Hungry Mario game is eating all the balls on the ways and also in the air. 

There are some different levels in this Hungry Mario game. First levels are easier than other new ones. In the first adventures, the bottom is one part and you can't drop from the bottom to the under. So, you can't lose the game. But later, after 2 or 3 levels, bottom has some blanks and ground is can't be trustable. You must be careful to avoid dropping and try to collect all the green and red balls on the roads. Sometimes you must arrange your speed and jumping time to reach some balls in the air or on other bars which moves frequently.