Infinite Mario

King Kuppa is back and he is looking for redemption. He feels that was not treated nicely the last time and now, he more angrier than before. He got some men with him and they would be easy to get rid of as they are much powerful than Kuppa's old soldier. They are a lot tougher and also, you can expect that King Kuppa is a lot stronger than before. Beware mushroom kingdom as Kuppa is up to his old scheme and has a powerful scepter that allows him to change the world to his liking. You might wake one day not recognize your place since KUppa didn't like it.

Only one man can stop him, correction there are two that can stop him and they are the Mario brothers. They have stop King Kuppa before and they would be glad to do it all over again. However, things won't be easy because of the changing location. The place won't be the same as before and there is no used getting accustomed to the land as it has been changed. Nevertheless, the brothers would never give up and would do anything that is possible to defeat Kuppa and his henchmen once more.

In this game, your location will change and there is no use to get accustomed to the location since you can use it to your advantage. Each time you start, you would see a different location. Infinite doesn't mean that you have infinite lives at all. The idea here is to get to flag pole safely. That would get you to the next stage. If you thought that things would be easy after that then you are in a surprise. You need to remember that you should not get close too much to the enemy or it will kill your character.

How to play

Press S to start the game,
Use the arrow keys to move,
Press S to jump