Jet ski Mario

When Mario came to the Mushroom kingdom everything is dry and land can be seen everywhere, but somehow it change and now everything is under water. Mario can’t do what he does since he can’t swim and break some bricks at the same time, so he uses jetski to elevate. Mario isn’t sure on what is happening to the kingdom, but one thing is certain and that is the making of King Kuppa, that turtle of a dragon is surely is up to no good ever since he first landed on the kingdom. Using a jet ski, he can travel faster than before and make sure that he can get to where he needs to be. Mario and Kupppa has been fighting for ages, but since Bowser came into the scene, things were a lot more difficult. He is much powerful than King Kuppa. He is a great strategist and master planner. When he launched his operation to make the world a water world, Mario wasn’t ready and has since then been force to use the jet ski as his tool to go anywhere he would like. A jet ski is a machine that you could use to ride along in the waterways. The idea of this game is to get to the finish line as fast as you can, but that won’t be easy since there are tons of Kuppalings out there and they would stop you from getting to the finish line in any way they can. You don’t need to fight them in this game as all you need is to jump over them and avoid them. Focus on your goal and you would surely get there. The game gets even better as you move from one level to another. Are you ready to play and experience the thrill that this Mario game brings?