Kill the Plumber

Since Mario arrive in the Mushroom Kingdom, he has done a lot of things which help the people of the kingdom and that is the reason why they love him. He had gained some friends inside the new world and he became a hero. This world is for him and he can easily tell that the people here would be lonely and sad without him. He might not need some help right now, but there would be times that he might need it. Many like him as he is the hero that they see, but another entity works in the dark and he is no one other than the hated Wario. He comes from the opposite mirror and he is the exact opposite of Mario.

The plumbers would not like it when they angered the people of the land, so they make it into their account that they would help them in every way that they can. Wario on the other hand is the exact opposite of Mario and he is hated by many because he is always up to no good. No one knows what he is thinking, but one thing is sure, you would not want him close to you since you might know if he is going to do you bad things. It is better to stay away from him and that is why almost everyone hates him and is often gets chased by the citizen of the mushroom kingdom.

IN this game, you would not be Wario as you are one off the citizen of the mushroom kingdom and you need to get rid of Wario. However, that won’t be easy sine he would jump on you and you would get beaten easily. You need to make sure that it won’t happen as you would need to get close to him at his blond side.