King of Dragon

For thousands of years the kingdom has been peaceful as the current king is righteous and everyone loves him. No one would oppose him as they know that he is doing everything he can to manage the kingdom well. Until, one day a dark entity came and took over the kingdom. The king was powerless against him and so, he called forth the heroes that would restore peace to the kingdom. Each of them got their own strength and weakness. The kingdom need all of them together to defeat the evil wizard, which has brought chaos to the lands. The king knows that he can’t live to see this one to his last breath as he is near his death. He ask the brave warriors to restore the old kingdom for his son to rule on them. The son was like his father and would surely would be a good replacement in the throne, but first the heroes need to get rid of the wizard. The healing can only be done once the wizard is gone. The warriors would receive some gold coins for their service once all is done, but they know that an even greater king would replace the old king since the younger one learned a lot from his father. Also some new technologies would be impose, which would propel the old kingdom to the new age. This game is an old school hack and slash type of game. The idea here is to simply defeat every last one of your enemies. There are some power-ups that you can get within the game that would help you throughout the game. The game is played with a keyboard. The game gets harder and more difficult as you make some progress, but if you are able to rid of all the monsters as early as possible then you would get more breathing room.