Kingdom Rush Frontiers

The last Great War was a success and people thought that the undead ones would not return. However, little did they know that the undead are trying to make a comeback? The champion Alric hurried back to the kingdom only to find out that the dark paladin has emerge. The kingdom is happy as they know that they have a fighting chance against the dark army. They launched an attack against the dark kingdom led by the hero Alric. As the hero and his troops are getting hot in pursuit of the sorcerer, they find themselves in deeper trouble since there are lots of enemies waiting for them outside the walls of the castle.

The fight in the desert was tough as Alric and the others thought that they would not make it. They were lucky to win it as it really was one of the toughest battle that they have fought. After a long fight with the minions, they meet a genie, whom they first met was an ally. But it turns out that it was an enemy. They learned of a mighty Templar, ordering them to join at the crimson valley. Then after that, they came into the valley of the natives and they have to fight their way since the natives don’t’ trust them. They thought that they are among the evil ones that attacked the village.

This game is played via mouse. You need to erect some tower that would produce some soldier that would fight for you. The idea here is to make sure that no enemy would pass you. If they do, just make sure that you have enough health to get to the next level. The game gets harder and more challenging as you make some progress. There are three modes that you can try in this game.