A Koopa's Revenge 2

Mario is not good the way that most people tells you too since he manage to kill all of the koopalings and he never shod them mercy. This story is all about a Koopaling who returns from his trip outside the castle and finds out that most of his friends and siblings got killed by Mario and his pals. He has no problem with finding Wario since the guy was killing everyone on sight and he is not finish yet. When the young Kuppaling met him, he immediately dispose of him, but before he kills him, he made him talk to the whereabouts of Princess Toadstool. Following the instructions that Wario gave him, he found Mario’s brother Luigi, who was out for no good. Luigi was a good fighter, but young Kuppaling was even better so he beats him and that was the last time anyone saw Luigi. Next stop is Mario’s castle wherein he hopes of finding the culprit that leads to the demise of his dad. IN there, he finally met Mario and deal with him once and for all. At last his revenge I over and there is no one left to oppose their family. In this game, Koopa’s son wants revenge and he isn’t happy with just Mario dying as he wants more. The game is played like Super Mario. You would break some bricks on air and get some fire power. There are pipe that would lead you to a different world. You need to step on your enemy to eliminate them, but you can also use your fire power. You have a shell at the start of the game, but if you died from the game then you would come back later without a shell. Also, the fire power doesn’t last forever.