Kung fu Remix

You are one of the best and you know that you can't be beaten. One day, while you and your girlfriend are having your time. Her ring was missing and you went on to look for it. That is not even that bad part as you suddenly heard her scream. When you got to her location, you realized that she got kidnapped. You tried to catch up to them, but they were miles away from you and you can't get to her. Even so, you never give up and continued on until you found a tower. You know that is where they are taking her. As you get close to the tower, you found a note telling you that they are indeed there and they are waiting for you. As you get to the tower, you are already tired because of all the walking that you done. You got ambush, but you manage to defeat them. However, it is still not the end as plenty more are coming and from the looks of it, they have been preparing for your arrival. Clearly, this is a setup and you can’t back up since you are already in deep waters. You need to go on and rescue your girlfriend. This is the remake of that old Nintendo game that became popular way back in the late 80’s. You probably not heard of this one since it is very old, but your parents would know it since they have played this game long before you were born. Most likely, they were kids from way then and have enjoyed this game. The idea here is to rescue the girl, but you can’t do that if you got beaten, so you need to fight until you reached her. This won’t be easy since you need to fight lots of enemies.