Last Stand 2

Last time, you thought that you are save since the rescue team is here. They got a chopper to pick you up. While inside the chopper, one of the solders is acting quite strange. It was too late when we all found out that he got bitten. Soon, he charges towards the pilot and everything went hell. The copter crushed and now you are back to square one. You found a safe zone and you are successful in fortifying it. It is now a safe zone, thanks to your efforts. You know that you can’t leave there forever and somehow, you need to go to Untion city. You need to find other survivors or you would are surely roast. There is now way that you can hang out to life since there are many zombies around. At least, you would get a better chance to leave if you got other people around you. Your next concern would be food since there are no food around and you are hungry. Last thing that you need is weapon to fight against the zombies. You can fight better with a better weapon. You would also need it to give some to the other survivors. They would help you to defend your camps and that is really a big help. The idea in this game is to survive. You would need to work closely together with the other survivors in the area. You can assign weapons to them too. The zombies would appear and would attack and the task is to defend your joint. The zombies would try to destroy the barricade to get to you. When they are able to do that they would be after you. After that, you would be given a time to search eh area for weapons and other survivors.