Lightning McQueen Race

One of the most popular car is Lightning McQueen as you know. Youth people and children like it too much. And now, there is a chance to controll that car in a perfect race. Are you ready for it? Do you able to use it in Lightning McQueen Race game for free?

There are so many different game modes in Lightning McQueen Race adventure. You can select single race, or may be you can think about a great career with your Lightning McQueen car. You can get in your red car and go on for all races. At the end, you can achive big success and win the races against your rivals. 

After selecting game modes, you can select the levels of the game. It can be easy, medium or hard may be. How you want, you can play... For the controllers, you must be careful about the keys. Arrow keys are for the movements and destinations. Near of these keys, you will need 2 different useful keys. One is "Z" for drifting; other one is "X" for using nitro power for your car. You will see a nitro bar at the left side of the screen. And then, when it is filled even a little bit, you can push nitro key and go on faster. Now, play Lightning McQueen Race for free and enjoy in these adventures!