Luigi Cave World

Mario and Luigi are not only brothers, but also the best of friends and they do most of their stuff along with one another. But, there are times that you need to separate from your brother and make your own story. So, to say, that is what happened as the two brothers went on to their way. Mario find peace and happiness while his brother Luigi is not contented, so the later seek more adventures to which he can explore alone. Despite the danger, he pursues it as he like what he is doing right now and the fact that there are no brother on side will not stop that. He set on out on a journey and find what he want to find. It is a dark world since no light was able to get through it since it is inside a cave. However, there was some Kupaloids in the cave, but they have not heard of him since they weren’t able to get out of the cave. Some of them grew bigger than normal and they were to pretty scary. They would patrol the insides of the cave day in and day out. If they see someone, they would definitely beat them to death. Other than that, there was no other kind of race in the cave. Enough with Mario as he have been star throughout the year and not much have been given with his brother Luigi, even though he have shared stardom with his brother. This is the break that Luigi would want if he is allowed to talk. This game is center around Luigi and there is no Mario in here. The game play is like the old school Mario game that you have played when you were younger. But the place is definitely new as you can’t see it in the old game. The idea here is to reach the flagpole as fast as you can, but you don’t need to hurry if you want since there are no timer.