Mario Adventure

Mario went to the Mushroom Kingdom and found that is a totally new world out there. Nothing seems to be familiar as everything is new. It is not everyday that you walk out of your house, you see some flying turtles, deep holes which you can't see the bottom and a lot more unusual things. This is a new adventure since the world is totally new. King Kuppa rules the land but the people didn't like him since he is a tyrant. They want him out of the castle and replace him with the old king's daughter, Princess Toadstool.

Princess Toadstool travel to a different world to seek help and thus, Mario came to his aide. Along with his brother Luigi, who is always by his side, the reign of terror that KUppa imposes on the people would soon be over. But, before that the brothers need to be familiarize with the land. Thus, the adventure begins for the two as they need to explore the vast landscape of this crazy world. This is unfamiliar territory and Kuppa has the advantage over them since they don't know the land. Fortunately, they got Princess Toadstool on their side and would be the one helping them throughout the whole thing.

The idea here is to navigate around the world till you see something that resembles a question mark. When you found one, you need to jump on it and it would take you to a new world. There won't be any power-ups in this game since the idea is to explore the surroundings. Fortunately, you can step on the Kuppa drones and that would get rid of them. Don't worry since there are some coins that need to be collected in this game. The game gets harder and difficult as you make some progress.