Mario ATV

When Mario came to the Mushroom Kingdom, the world was in chaos as the Kuppa clan is very strict and abusive with their powers as the ruler of the land. They thought that no one can oppose them so they rule the land with an iron hand. The people hated them for that and when Mario came to town, he and his constituents was force to live the premises. They couldn’t pack their things before they live so they forget to include some of their personal belongings. They are super rich, so it doesn’t matter if they lose those valuables.

One day while Mario was doing his usual stuff and exploring the kingdom, he found an old ATV that has been forgotten by time. He investigate and found out that it was owned by one of the kuppa. Since they are no more, Mario knows that the ATV is up for the taking and that no one else would compete for it since there are no one around that time. He is the only guy that is present there, so he claimed it for himself. Using this ATV, he wouldn’t need to walk all day to get to where he wants.

In this game, the idea is to get to where you want to be. There are no timer in this game, but you do need to get there as fast as you can. Of course, no one could oblige you to do that since there is no timer. Remember to collect the stars as you drive your way to the finish line. You only have 10 lives and when those lives are gone then the game would be over. Take care of your lives as that would determine if you are able to finish the whole game or not. The game gets more challenging as you make some progress.