Mario Bomb Man

Mario was the legendary fighter that sets the Mushroom kingdom free and he is the guy that would forever make it a free country. Even if that means that he would always come to the Mushroom Kingdom. When King Kuppa was gone, Bowser took over his kingdom and he wants revenge. He created his own empire and soon, he was able to succeed, but Mario came in to ruin his plans. Soon, the Mushroom kingdom was peaceful thanks to the hard work of the Mario brothers. Sure, it wasn’t easy, but in the end the spaghetti-eating brothers are able to succeed in defeating Bowser.

They thought that all is well now that they are able to defeat Bowser, a new threat arrive and is wreaking havoc to the kingdom. Actually, he was physical wrecking the place since he got some bombs with him. Mario immediately knows that this is the work of some sinister guy. He knows that to defeat this guy, he would need to fight fire with fire. Thus, he learned the art of bomb making to better understand the bomber. Mario got no chance as he need to catch the bomber on act or he won’t be able to get it.

This game is all about Mario defeating the other bomber guys. This game can be played with some of your buddies and the idea here is to destroy all the other players. You can’t punch or kick them in this game as your only weapon is your bomb. There are a lot of upgrades in this game and you can see them if you are able to destroy some bricks. The other characters would do the same and you r time is limited here, so you need to hurry it up before the others destroy you. The world would collapse once there is only one left.