Mario Brother

Mario is a good guy and he don’t want anyone bullying someone. Whenever there is trouble, you can be sure that he would be there to help you out. Of course, he don’t’ do it for money since that is his thing and no one can argue about that. Mario is that guy, who helps someone who needs some help. He would fight for you till the end as long as he believes in you. Whenever Luigi is in trouble, he can be sure that Mario would be there to assist him. He would never be alone as that are brothers are for.

The same thing goes with Mario as his brother would also be there for him. Their friends knows this and that is why they are easy to assist the two brothers. They are ever alone as the whole community is always there to assist them. That is what you get when you help people in times of trouble. There would be others doing the same thing to you since you are a valuable ally and they won’t want one of their allies to be gone. Mario is so precious to them that they are willing to do anything that they can do to be able to assist their friend.

In this game, the idea is to get to the other end and that won’t happen if you get beaten by the bad guys. You need to make sure that you won’t be able to make any contact with them. Contrary to most of the Mario games you have played before, in this one, you won’t be able to step on the bad guys. That would instantly end the game. The idea is to avoid any contact with the bad guys thus you would need to be stealthy if that would be possible.