Mario Bullet Bill

We know that you never play this kind of Mario game before! Are you ready to play the most enjoyful Mario game? If yes, lets go on...

Mario Bullet Bill game is a kind of Mario game but this one is different than others. Because, in this adventure, you don't see Mario; but his soul! Inside the bullet, there must be Mario's soul. After bullet is started to go in the air, you must destroy some walls, mushrooms and avoid to crush grounds. The problem is, bullet is fast and grounds can be everywhere! Not only bottom side of the screen; but also top part of the screen, there can be some green grounds. You shouldn't crash them; if not, you will lose.

Arrow keys are useful in this game to set your destination. When you see some dangers in the air, you can change your direction suddenly. Now, you must try toplay Mario Bullet Bill and enjoy!