Mario Cart

Mario might be the best hero in the Mushroom Kingdom, but it doesn’t mean that he is the best in anything he does. He became a hero since he is ready to stand up for the people of the Mushroom Kingdom. In time, he is able to defeat King Kuppa and free the land. Some of Kuppa sibling came back, but Mario is ready for them. Being a hero doesn’t mean that h always get what he wants as heeded to earn it. When he participated in a racing event, he didn’t get the best kart. Mario was resourceful enough that he began building his own cart.

He might not be the hest in the land, but one thing is certain and that the kart is competitive. It is built by Mario so it is as competitive as the one who built it. Mario is not the only participant as his brother is also joined. His friends are there to win it and they would not give the winning to Mario just because he saves the kingdom before. Everyone wants a piece of the price thus they joined to win it. They have trained for months and they would be crazy if they would just let Mario take over as they too want to get the prize.

This game is played with a keyboard and the idea is to cross the finish line four times. It won’t be easy, but that is the challenge of the game. You need to prove that you are the best to win it. You can only do that if you are able to defeat everyone in the race, which means that you need to get to the finish line first. Once, you win the then you would get the prize money and you would be able to upgrade your cart.