Mario Combat Game

The turtles used to be weak and easily defeated, but it looks like that King Kuppa is tired of hiring some weak turtles. Now, they are getting trained by a real fighter. When they arrive at the Mushroom kingdom, they nearly destroyed everything, but thankfully Mario and Luigi arrive on time. They have a hard time defeating the new and improve turtle warriors so they promise the citizen of the mushroom kingdom that they would come back better. They use that time to find a master, but it was hard for them since those masters are usually secluded far away from the land. Thankfully, they were able to find one for themselves and boy, they got what they wanted. The training was hard, but it did help them improve. When the training was done, the brothers were really dangerous.

Knowing this, they know that they can protect the mushroom kingdom once more. They come back to the kingdom and met the trutleoids once more. They were able to defeat the turtloids, but those turtles got better too. Thanks to their training, they were able to overcome the turtles. They decided that it is time to put an end to this and went on to the castle to settle things once more with their old nemesis.

In this game, you are going to fight to fight the enemies head on. No, you are not going to step on them anymore since that won’t now. Instead, you are going to beat them senselessly until they can’t stand anymore. The dungeon is still and the other environments are still the same, but aside from that, you would find out that it is very different since there are no magical items to help you our now. Instead, you are going to defend on your kick and punches. The game is played with a keyboard.