Mario Combat

When King Kuppa was defeated, his son Bowser takeover the control of the Mushroom kingdom. When Mario heard of it, he got angry, but he knows that he is no match against the big and buff Bowser. Unlike his old man, he goes to the gym regularly thus, he is much more stronger than his old man. Mario knows that fact and realizes that if he wishes to defeat someone that big, he need to know martial arts. Since then, he has trained with some masters to train him in the art of fighting. Several weeks and then months have passed, he manage to defeat his master and he is now a champion himself.

Little did he know that Browser has been studying him and has hired some martial arts troops himself to dispose of him. Yes, Bowser is already big and stronger than him, but the fact that he is Kuppa’s son makes him an heir to the throne, which means that he commands lot of minions on his side. Over the years, they have train in martial arts and have become good at it. When they learned that Mario is back, they know that it is time to have some redemption against Mario since Mario has beaten them a lot of times. This time, they won’t be beaten easily.

In this game, Mario is a martial arts master and he need to beat down old Bowser, who has ruled the Mushroom kingdom in replace of his late father. The idea in this game is to simply beat up your opponent till he can’t fight no more. Your opponent would do the same thing to you. You need to get through them if you want Bowser. There would be more as you make some progress.