Mario Egypt Run

Mario was on a trip to Egypt to have a vacation, he thought that he have leave his problem behind when he walk away from the Mushroom Kingdom. There was no King Kuppa, since he defeated the latter a long time ago. However, one of Kuppa's friend and relative comes to mushroom Kingdom. He wants Mario since he want to take revenge. When he found out that Mario is not there, he went berserk and destroy most of the building in the kingdom. Bowser wasn't a patient guy, when he sent someone to after Mario, he want immediate results. The guy that he sent find out that Mario was on a trip and immediately reports it to Bowser, who immediately sent some of his men to capture Mario.

Mario wasn’t easy to capture since he would fight to the last end. When Bowser learned of this, he sent his biggest cannon to destroy Mario. Mario was quick to run away, but the huge bullet that the cannon fired is right on his trail. Knowing that he would die on the spot, he can’t make a mistake. He needs to get far away from the place. There is nothing left for him, but death as he is being sandwich by some kuppa troops and the big cannonball.

In this game, you need to run as fast as you can. But, you don’t need to worry on that part anymore since the game would make Mario run automatically, but won’t tell Mario to stay out of trouble. You need to control to where Mario would go. You can shoot the enemies in front of you with your fire blast. You only have a few life and you need that to get away. There would be obstacle in front of you and you need to avoid that, so you don’t lose your life.