Mario Ghost House

When Mario first came to the Mushroom Kingdom, it was the weirdest experience that Mario had. Overtime, he has become accustomed to it as such he don't noticed it anymore and think of it as nothing anymore. He began having friends over the new world and fight King Kuppa with the rest of the freedom fighters in the land. Mario hand his friend won the war over King Kuppa, but since then new warrior have been introduced throughout the land, in which Mario and his brother Luigi has battled. While some of them has been defeated and are easy to handle, there are others that can't be disposed of, so Mario just need to make sure the he can avoid them. the ghost were some fearsome creatures in all the land and the Mario brothers can't do something about them. Overtime, their numbers grow and have occupied a piece of land. The mushroom people want to take no part of that land because it is haunted. Since then, it become a forbidden land for everyone.

But, there were many treasures there and Mario just couldn't let it go. So, one day, he went to the forbidden land and seek to grab as many treasures that he can. So that, he would have lots of treasures when he went home to his homeland in Brooklyn New York.

In this game, you are Mario and you need to explore the area. Grab as many coins that you can floating around the house. be careful though as the ghost are roaming around the area. They are kind of slow, so you can run away from them. Try not to engage them since they are already dead. There are many hidden chambers in the game and you may want to explore them. remember that your true quest is to find the exit point. Your quest won't be easy since inside the house, there are many maze. There are also lots of ghost everywhere and you need to avoid contact with them.