Mario Gift Delivery

Let's admit it we all want to be a hero at one point in our life and be like Mario, who fight the evil King Kuppa and had freed the Mushroom people, but you don't know the whole story after that. When the tyrant Kuppa was out of the picture, the people of the Mushroom kingdom got back to their old lives, wherein they would need to work hard for themselves. No one is exempt since all of them needs money and if you are not going to work for it then you won’t have any money to buy whatever you want.

Everyone knows that, including Mario and his friends. Finding a job is hard since Mario didn’t finished anything back at home. Fortunately, he knows how to drive because he is always out on the street and some off his friends taught him how to drive back home at Brooklyn. It wasn’t easy, but at least, this job is honest and you can be proud of it. His job is to transport all the gift to their rightful place. Everyone wants their stuff and this is the reason that the company is able to make money. Now, with Mario delivering their stuff, they know that they are in good hands.

In this game, the idea is to deliver the gifts to the finish line. You would need to drive fast, but carefully, so that you won’t lose any of the stuffs you carry at the back of your truck. Also, try to drive carefully since there is the danger of getting an accident on the road. Of course, that would happen if you are too reckless. The game is hard enough as it is, but it gets even harder and much more challenging as you make some progress.