Mario Kart Arcade

Let's think about the classical Mario game, the main one... The first Mario game is about going on the road, hiting the boxes, eating mushrooms, being bigger and avoiding turtles. This original adventure is developed now and you can find your hero in different place. In this game, Mario Kart Arcade adventure, your hero is collectiong the golds on the road. At the same time, there are some dangers and also the opportunities... If you find the mushroom on the road, catch it! But if you see a turtle, run!

Arrow keys will help you while playing this Mario Kart Arcade game. You can control your hero with these keys. Left and right arrows are useful and these 2 buttons will be your hands. Catching golds make your points bigger. If you touch the turtles, your damage point is bigger; but this is not a good thing. You must avoid turtles on roads. Plus this, if you see mushrooms, go and catch. The same logic is valid for catching the boxes with question mark; they have different surprises and rewards for you... By the way, Mario is not only one selection in thsi game. Your hero can be Luigi or other caracters from Mario world.