Mario Pipe Panic

Mario has been collecting gold coins all year round and King Kuppa is always on his tail. King Kuppa don’t like the idea that he is collecting his coins, so he sent the plant monsters to stop Mario on his quest. For Kuppa, anything that is found in his land is his and no one, except him has the right to get it. In this case, the coins, but since Kuppa is a warlord, most people of his kingdom didn’t like him. Princess Peach was the daughter of the old ruler and King Kuppa kick him out of the kingdom. No one knew, where he was now, so Princess Peach asked Mario to help her out.

When, Mario first arrive, he was able to form a group that would fight the vile Kuppa and kick him out. So, the fight was intense, but Mario and his group finally get the kingdom back for Princess Peach. Everyone was happy, but some of KUppa’s minion remain and the threat is still there, even if Kuppa is not there anymore. Eventually, the world was peaceful since there was no threat anymore, so Mario thought that he could get some coins in the pipeline. Little did he know that there was these plant monster that patrols the area.

The idea of the game is just like Pacman, so to say, this is the Mario version of the popular game. As we all know, Pacman need to collect some pellets, but this game is about Mario, he need to collect some coins. Instead of the power pellets, there would be some stars that would make him invincible. Your life is the mushroom and when you are eaten by one of those plant monster, you lose one of them. So, to say, you need to avoid them if you want to finish the game.