Mario Racing Tournament

Do you like the racing games? And plus this, do you like to play with Mario, Luigi or the other heroes? If all your answers are "yes", you will love this Mario Racing Tournament game. You can pick Mario, Luigi or any other hero among the selections and then you can select a place on the map and go on! Be the first and achieve all the goals!

First of all, you must select your hero among the opportunities. Then, you will sign the tournament track on the map and be ready to start! In this adventure, you will race against your enemies and you must be the champion. W, A, S and D keys are helpful for you. When you see an higher place, you must use W and jump! To move on, A and D are also helpful. If you want to go inside tunnels, you must use "S" key and go out from different tunnel on the road. Now, just sit your seat and check this racing Mario game!