Mario Shoot Zombies

In the past King and his lackeys are giving Mario a head ache, but the latter defeated him and restore peace to the Mushroom kingdom. The people of the land happily ever after. Well, at least, till Kuppa’s son return with vengeance. His son Bowser is bigger and stronger than him, thus, he command an army stronger than that of his late father. Bowser is really strong and all since he is much better than his old man. He is also wiser since he learns from the past mistakes of his father. Mario thought that things can’t get more troublesome than the situation he is already in, but when the zombies became marching on his land, he found out that it is a lot more difficult trouble.

Princess Toadstool ask Mario to get rid of the zombies since it is ruining everything on their path. People are hiding in fear since they fear that they might get infected by those zombies and would turned into one of them. These zombies are restless and have come from another dimension, but one thing is certain as they are lot harder to deal with compared to that of Bowser and his army. They can’t be reason with and they would eat anyone on their path.

In this game, the idea is to get rid of the zombies. Don’t worry as they aren’t walking around. You need to hit them, but your shot is just limited and once you have used all of that then you lose the game. You need to get rid of them before you lose all of your ammo. You are already shooting fireball in this game, which takes away a thing to worry about. But, in doesn’t make the game a little easy and not boring at all since you need to think out of the box at some point in the game.