Mario Shoots Zombies

Zombies are monsters that feed on the human flesh, but you don’t need to worry since they don’t exist. They are just a pigment of the mind and they are made to scare the hell out of bad children. But, one scientist makes it possible and it turns the whole world around. Fortunately, people were able to find a plant that could fight against them, winning the war in the end. Mankind has seen the last of them ever since and is now enjoying a normal life.

Meanwhile, in the Mushroom kingdom, Mario doesn’t have an idea on what is going on with the world as he has left it and live in the Mushroom kingdom for a long time. One day, Princess Peach tells him that the monsters was able to get to the portal and is now scaring the hell out of the people of the kingdom. The princess is very scared as she has seen nothing like that before. Those zombies would eat every last one of the Mushroom people and would get turn into one of them starting the zombie apocalypse. Not everyone would be safe when that happens. Mario need to get there and put a stop to the zombie invasion before they can infect someone else.

In this game, you need to shoot the zombies as fast as you can since the game has a timer. When the timer ends, the game would end. However, that won’t be easy since the zombies are laced to where your shots would not be able to go. You need to use your surrounding and bounce the shot to the wall until it reaches the zombies. Make sure to hit the target before the time expires. The game becomes harder as you make some progress.