Mario Tower Defense

Kuppa was the tyrant king of the mushroom people, but he was very cruel because of that he wasn't like. Princess Toadstool was the daughter of the old king and she was asked to replace King Kuppa. When King Kuppa learns of it, he got furious and start attacking the village. The princess can't do a thing, so he search for someone to help her. He travel to Brooklyn and found the Mario brothers. The Mario brothers work as a plumber. Though, they like their job, they weren't making much, so they agreed to help the princess. They were promise of great fortune. While in the Mushroom Kingdom, they learned to love the people of that world. They learned that there are many treasures in that world, but never goes back to spend it on Brooklyn. They got a better life there and they were treated like heroes. Back at home, they are nothing. The battle against Kuppa is really firce and it wasn't easy, so they recruited some citizen to help them out. Surely, that would help as any help they get would be a great addition. This might not be their world, but when a princess came asking for help, they can't say no to her. In this game, the idea is defend. The game is a tower defense game and you need to make sure that none of your enemy would make it to the exit. You can hire defenders by purchasing them. You have a few cash at the start of the game. You earn money when you kill an enemy. New characters would be unlock by researching them. Of course, their price would be higher. You need to figure out where you should put your defense in the platform. The game gets harder as you make some progress.