Mario Tractor Multiplayer

The Mushroom kingdom is peaceful now. Thanks for to the efforts of the Mario brothers. They have done a lot to eliminate King Kuppa. Everyone thanks them for that and it is also the reason for their celebration. Most people don’t have much as they are still in the developing stage, because of the long rule of King KUppa, but they are getting there slowly. They are working hard to reach their goal. The Mario brothers decided to leave Brooklyn and settled in the Mushroom Kingdom, but they are not going to leave as kings there. They need to work hard for what they would eat like the rest of th3 people there.

They become simple farmers and their crops is their own joy. They use a tractor to deliver the goods to the market and for going to anywhere they want. They have been doing that for a long time now that they are feeling the bored. One day, Luigi told his brother to have a rest and his brother agrees to it. They told their friends and Princess Toadstoll thought that it is a great way to raise money. The race was held and since everyone is using a tractor, this would show the people how to have fun even though they don’t have much.

In this game, you need to get to the finish line as fast as you can, but most likely, you need to arrive there before the other player does. You have an opponent here and you would need to beat him up. Both of you would use a tractor filled with coins. If you lose some of the coins then you would lose some points even if you win. You need to win the race every time since there would be no more if you lose.