Mario World 2

Mario came from Brooklyn and that is why he is such a toughie. He never backs out for a fight since that is how he is raised. When Princess Toadstool first came to New York, she thought that no one would help him since everyone is busy and King Kuppa is notorious. She never expected that help would come in the form of tow brothers. They become known as the Super Mario brothers since their family name is Mario. The first one is Mario Mario and the other one Luigi Mario. Both of them are very brave and is not scared of King Kuppa.

They manage to overthrow King Kuppa and the latter vows that he would return one day. Years have passed with no Kuppa, so the mushroom people thought that he would never came back. But, they were wrong as the menace finally came home. Once again, the brothers are called forth to put the reign of Kuppa to an end. However, things have change as the world is not the same the last time that they were there. It seems that Kuppa has prepared for their return and thus change everything that he can to gain the edge on their next fight.

This game is played like the old game, but the world has change certainly. You can do stuffs like in the old game, but you can expect that this game would be harder and more challenging from the last time. The idea here is to get to Kuppa, but that would be a long time goal. For now, you just need to get to the next world. Grab some coins since you would earn a life once you have 100 coins. A mushroom can make you grow and a flower would give you the power of fireballs.