Metal Slug Zombie Survival

Zombies are thing of imagination and nothing more. They are the ones that prowl the night, but that is not true since they can haunt the day as well. We all know that it is not true and we should not fear it, but one scientists were experimenting upon the dead and has found the secret to the living dead. At first, he was so happy that he was able to create a thing of horror, but soon realized that it was a big mistake. He shouldn’t invented it the first place since it could wipe out the human race from this planet.

Soon, the zombie was eating some people and transforming them into one of his kind. So, to say, his number multiplied and the number keep on increasing with each one they have bitten. The doctor also died as he was bitten by some of the zombies. It was then that the government got alarmed and send in the special soldier. This soldier is a special soldier as he has defeated countless enemies before. You can say that he is a super soldier as he almost that way. Nothingless, this mission might be his last as he might not leave through it all.

This is a zombie survival game, wherein you need to defeat countless zombies. There would be zombies appearing even if you haven’t able to kill the first few ones. They would keep on appearing till there are no more and by that time, you would get the chance to upgrade. You earn money with every zombie you kill. However, one bite is all that it takes to dispose of you. That is why; this game is very hard as you need not to be close to them when fighting them. The game gets harder as you make some progress.