Metal Slug

War has started and very country in the world know what it means to the citizens. It means that their lives would be in danger regardless of the stature in life. You can’t buy things with money at this point of time since it would be taken to you by force. Everyone is for themselves at this rate, you need to stand up and fight for your own. You can’t rely on somebody because all of them want the same and they can’t do that if they are going to rely on your money. Besides, they can just take it if they want too. There is no reason to make more money in this time since money won’t be an issue during these times. Fortunately, you are not a civilian and you are considered to be one of the best commandos. You have been given to destroy every enemy on site. You are well=equipped for the job and you alone can harm those invading armies. They don’t belong in this country as such, you need to kill them in order to protect the rights of every citizen of this country. Your actions might be considered violent by many, but in a war situation, that is just what you need. This game is from an old game from Nintendo, wherein the idea is destruction as you need to kill and destroy every one of your enemies. They would do the same to you and you need to kill them before they can kill you. You have three lives in this game and it is best to act fast since you don’t have a bulletproof vest in this game. The boss is even tougher than most enemies in this game, so you really need those bombs that you have been saving. The game gets harder and much more challenging as you make some progress.