Moomoo io

Among io games, there are some alternatives for everybody. Players like to control their own hero in these games and improve their character. Moomoo io is a kind of these io games and you can play it for free here directly.

In this game, you will have a character on the field and you will try to upgrade your character. You should collect fruits from the trees and protect yourself from enemies. Not only other players, but also dangerous wild animals must be far away from you. At that time you can achive your goals and collect apples and other items in the game.

At the beginning of this game, you will set your player name. You can write it on the screen and go on to play. You must find some trees which have benefits for you and click on them. When you hit these trees, you can get your apples. You can check the top – left side of the screen about how many apples you got. Every “click” means a hit and every hit means gathering an apple. Your mouswe direction is also for your movements. Now, only try to play it and test yourself!