Ninja and Blind Girl

Ninjas are very important fighters in the history. they have so much critical duties in some different areas on the earth. Especially in the east, there are so many interesting nija stories we heard. now, there is a chance to be a real ninja in this game; Ninja and Blind Girl! You have very big duty, it is about protecting a blind girl. You are really powerful ninja in this game and you must fight against your enemies on the roads. At the same time, your girl shouldn't be get any damage from the enemies.

Ninja and Blind Girl game is a different kind, because your ninja fights against enemies automatically and you are only managing. You must collect the golds after destroying your enemies. If you don't have enough time to beat enemies and they are very near of the blind girl, at that time you can push "1" and set your special power to protect her. By the way, you can get all the golds and improve your skills on the main screen. You must pass all the levels and reach the final part of the game with blind girl. Now, you can play this game for free on these pages.