Ninja Mafia War

All over Japan, the Mafia community create fears and no one would want to mess with them since they would kill anyone who would do that. They are a ruthless beings and thus, they should not be messed with. If you encounter any of them on the road better stay away and go the other way. They would not hesitate to kill anyone that would try to play as a hero. Though, they might be ruthless and feared, it doesn’t meant that no one would dare to oppose them since they are not the only group that create fear in the hearts of people.

There are also ninjas, they are ruthless and know the secret arts of killing. They are trained assassins, who uses old weapons such as jatanas and other old studs. They should be feared as they can kill in the blink of an eye. The Mafia community wants to rule the jungle where the Ninjas are hiding, the two group collide. Each one won’t back out as they want one thing and that is to inhabit the forest. A great war was declared as they don’t want to back out. Each one wanting the same thing. The two groups wont’ want to talk things out since tht is their way of life and they would kill anyone who would oppose them.

This game I played with a mouse and the idea here is to get to the other side. This won’t be easy since there are mafia everywhere and you would need to knock them out before you can move on. The key here is where to place the ninjas because that would determine the outcome of the game. You would gain more points after you win a level and you can use the points to unlock new ninjas or just to upgrade the skills of your ninjas.