Teenage mutant ninja turtles

Ninja Turtles are very famous characters in the cartoon and game world. These ninja turtles can fight against the bad guys every where. Also they are very nice turtles, enjoyful and funny. But if the city is in danger, these heros have big responsibilities... Now, be ready to protect the city in Teenage mutant ninja turtles game!

First of all, you will select one of ninja turtles among the selections. Then, you can select your ally, to fight with you for "special" attacks. Then, you can go on on the city roads. The main target is beating the enemies and eating pizza slices, to be alive. Some times you attack yourself, some times you will call your partner and he will attack specially.

Controllers are easy; arrow keys are used for movements. Plus this, up arrow can be used for extra jumping. While you jump one time, you can push one more while on the air and you can see that your turtle can jump in the air secondly, to reach the highest point. When you want to attack to the enemies, you can push "A" key and kill them. If you need support, just push "S" for special attack with your partner.

At the end, you will win the game and kill all the enemies with your hero ninja turtle, in this Teenage mutant ninja turtles game!