Pacman Classic

The ghost were once a part of the pac world living as a pac people, but when they committed some sins a long time ago, they were separated from their bodies. This was the start of the grudge which they hold against the pac people. They were imprisoned thousand of years ago in limbo to make sure that the obedient pac people are safe from harm. But after a thousand of years, they have find a way to escape the limbo and now they are making the people of pacland for imprisoning them a long time ago. They would not settle for nothing less since all they want is to make the lives of the residents of pacland miserable just like them. Fortunately, we are on the side of good and we have champion that is willing to stand up to the ghost. He is none other than pacman and he would devour any ghost that comes into contact with him. Actually, he can’t do that initially since they would have consume him for sure, but with the help of power pellets, he would surely win against them. Those ghost would run the moment that they see Pacman eating those power pellets. This is a classic remake of the old game that your parents used to play in an arcade. Back in those days, they need to go to the arcade just to play games such as this one. They would have to insert some coins before they can play it. However, as time passes on, this game is one of the few that is readily available in the web. All you need to do is to go to a flash game site to be able to play this game. The idea here is to chomp those power pellets till there are none. But, beware as this game won’t be easy especially the ghost are patrolling the area.